CEO`s Speech

stc Group has built a strategy for Social Responsibility with the deep concept of sustainable development in all its business, in addition to committing to the highest professional and competitive standards in CIT sector, enabling digital solutions in partnership with public and private sectors to comply with the objectives of NTP 2020 and Saudi Vision 2030 as well as reinforcing stc`s position as a pioneer company on the level of ME.

stc CSR strategy concentrates on: first, contribution to the adoption of initiatives and programs that support social responsibility in the paths of sustainable development and contribute to the achievement of development goals. Second, empowerment of the third sector to create the impact through activating social investment in partnership with the donor establishments.

stc also sought to empower youth, and was keen on qualifying Saudi talents, enhancing the role of women and job opportunities in the telecommunications sector, and developing special content for children, in line with the objectives of 2030.

Since social responsibility is an integral part of our business, we have also achieved excellence in providing the best digital solutions to the community and the Saudi market. stc has strived to become a leader in the region in the new economy, to support the Kingdom`s vision 2030 and NTP 2020. In addition to, Introducing and investing the latest technologies with a focus on cybersecurity, cloud computing, IOT as well as developing local content, intelligent content and job creation, while continuing to invest in advanced and robust networks.

In conclusion, stc believes that social responsibility is more than charitable work; it is a moral commitment, values and goals, and an integral part of our core business strategy, with the aim of promoting the development of man and place in all the societies.

Olayan Alwetaid
stc Group CEO