stc's role in fighting cyber crimes

Based on its awareness of its role in the community, stc is keen to provide the latest technologies to its customers, and to prevent illegal use of these technologies to keep the general public protected. The Saudi Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with the Communications and Information Technology Commission, will take action and see to it that there is severe punishment for the perpetrators of cybercrime offenses, and penalties will be incurred for identity theft, defamation, electronic piracy, email theft and other offences.

From the position of moral and national responsibility towards society, stc itself is concerned with the need to identify and warn against these crimes by spreading awareness of their causes and dangers to individuals, groups and society in general.

To find out more about violations and laws that pertain to it, kindly check the article on Anti-Cybercrime Law available below and learn more about various cybercrimes and their penalties.

Anti-Cyber Crime Law (PDF, 247KB)