Whereas stc for promoting its relation with contractors and suppliers, and for the purpose of facilitating the contractual procedures has established automated system to act as communication channel with contractors, suppliers and service providers and where as the Supplier has acquainted, convinced with system specification and agreed to join the registered suppliers list of stc, and to be abide by the provisions of this Agreement and its other complementary Agreement's. Therefore the parties hereby agree as follow.

Article (1): Definitions

Article (1): Definitions The following words and expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them unless otherwise specified.
Company (stc): shall mean Saudi Telecommunication Company (stc), the first party of the Agreement and the owner of the System . It is a Saudi company, established under the laws and regulations applied in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and registered under the commercial registration No (1010150269)
Supplier: shall mean any natural, or legal person/s qualified to deal with stc in the areas of contracting, supplying materials or providing services and he will be considered hereinafter as the second party. This capacity applies the supplier representatives , successors assignee/s whom granted Company's consent.
System (Isupplier): shall mean the automated system for which is owned and managed by stc. Its function in general, is for automating the registration, purchases , contracting and invoicing procedures. It uses the internet and other means for communicating with suppliers. It includes several functions, such as registration, invitation for competition and relationship organization etc.
User: shall mean the person selected by the supplier to represent him in using this system.
Usage: shall mean the registration for accessing the system and dealing with it in any format such as registering the firm, distributing the authorizations, sending and receiving documents and offering quotations.
Document: shall mean written or electronic document prepared by any party of this Agreement and it should be part of the content of the Agreement, such as (registration data, invitations, specifications conditions and technical and financial offers)
pre-qualification: It is the act of incorporating Supplier’s name and information within the suppliers & contractors or services providers who are dealing with them in one or more various activities, this procedures can be accepted after completion to all required relevant procedures such as specified by the system