Apr 05, 2020

Sign & (EMM)... Innovative Solutions for Business Continuity

With the increasing telework trend in government and private institutions, Sign and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) stand out as two relevant digital solutions provided by stc as part of its commitment to enable digital transformation in the government and private sectors.
Sign is a digital signature service that stc launched earlier this year. It allows organizations to sign documents and contracts remotely, thus contributing to a safe, remote business management using local hosting managed by national personnel. As for EMM, it allows remote smart device management. It is a digital service that facilitates the safe and flexible control and management of employee smartphones and mobile devices.
Through its readiness with the provision of innovative digital solutions aimed at ensuring business continuity and access to customers under the current circumstances that forced many organizations to work remotely, stc demonstrates its commitment to enabling the digital transformation of the business sector for government and private entities of various sizes and from different fields.
Eng. Riyad Moawad, Senior Vice President of the Enterprise Business Unit said that under the current exceptional and unprecedented circumstances in the global economy, the importance of digital readiness and infrastructure is undeniable for all sectors and industries. Such circumstances reveal the importance of digital solutions and connectivity for enterprises, but they also represent an opportunity for decision-makers in enterprises to determine their priorities.
Eng. Moawad explained that stc is working on a number of initiatives targeting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to enable them to achieve the highest efficiency levels in terms of performance and productivity while working remotely, and to help them manage their resources. The company is also waiving temporary service suspension fees in March and for the other offers previously announced to its customers.