Jul 31, 2020

3 Governmental entities use 4,765 Critical communication devices at the Holy Places

The number of critical communications devices used by Ministries of “Health” and “Hajj and Umrah” and Water Company for communication on the Holy Places amounted to 4,765 devices designated for emergency and sensitive services. Specialized Company indicated that it dedicated all its technical and human capabilities to serve the Pilgrims and ensure the success of the pilgrimage season, under the current extraordinary circumstances, by providing a distinctive package of “critical communications” dedicated to emergency and sensitive services to secure providing the best services to the relevant sectors.

stc affiliate also provides coverage networks for Tetra services as well as (press and talk) service, which is the next generation of critical communications for facilities that require immediate communication with reliability and safety through broadband technology, and other services in Makkah region.

stc constructed, developed and expanded several sites, alongside with the Holy Places. It established other networks in critical areas of the Kingdom, e.g. most airports and ports of the Kingdom and the Industrial Zone. There is a plan to cover all major cities and critical regions in the Kingdom.

Critical communications can accommodate huge working groups, in addition to its high security and high encryption level for calls, and its 99.99% dynamic operation in emergencies. Ordinary communication networks are not able to handle call traffic in emergencies, especially in crowded places, such as the Holy Places, where more than 2 million communication users meet in one place.