Jan 07, 2021

5G coverage for the GCC summit center in Al-Ula

The stc Group played a remarkable technical and digital role in the city of Al-Ula during the 41st GCC Summit, named the "Summit of Sultan Qaboos and Sheikh Sobah". In a recent press release, stc announced powering the summit’s meeting center in Al-Ula with the 5G network, and serving the Mirror Theatre with fiber-optic technology. Furthermore, the Group also secured a backup with microwave technology and satellite technology (VSAT), installed and operated 17 mobile towers with 11 equipped mobile sites to cover the summit’s location and the roads leading to it, and provided 9 different networks for audio, Internet, and inter-site connection. As a digital enabler of the 2030 Agenda, stc confirmed its continued commitment to providing the Kingdom with the latest network technology and the most reliable ICTs in various events and across different locations.