220% Increase in Pilgrim Data Traffic in Mount Arafat

Jul 20, 2021

220% Increase in Pilgrim Data Traffic in Mount Arafat

Data traffic increased on The Day of Arafat by 220% compared to last year, while the volume of voice traffic increased by 350%. Around 97% of this increase was transmitted through 5G and 4G networks.

The data also showed a 330% increase in the number of stc customers on the Holy Mount Arafat.

This quantitative and qualitative increase in state-of-the-art voice traffic delivery and data traffic technologies comes in conjunction with the development of the 5G and 4G networks this year in order to increase the qualitative efficiency of customer experience across all stc services.

On the other hand, the critical communication network solutions provided by “specialized by stc” to government and private entities involved in the Hajj season recorded an availability rate of 99%, thus ensuring continuity of communication with field teams and immediate communication of critical and emergency situations.

The company said it is working to provide modern technologies in this regard through control rooms that enable our partners to manage the teams that help increase operational efficiency while ensuring the highest levels of credibility and security, in addition to maintaining networks and providing the necessary coverage during the Hajj and Umrah season to enable partners to serve pilgrims and operators.