Now, the customer can easily join Tamayouz Program, maintain Tamayouz tier, or upgrade from one tier to another, and enjoy the privileges, exclusive benefits, and services by earning or purchasing status points.

To find out more on tier status and how to earn or purchase status points, please visit mystc app or website

  • What are Status Points?
  • It is the sum of the points that entitle the customer to join or upgrade to one of Tamayouz tiers

    Based on the principle of improving the customers experience and upgrading the services provided by Tamayouz Program, special rules have been updated for joining Tamayouz Program or for the upgrade/downgrade of Tamayouz customer tier, by adding new points called “status points. Where the “total annual customer payments” were converted to "the total annual customer status points" and adopting it as a criterion for determining the customer’s tier in Tamayouz Program.

  • What is the difference between Status Points and Qitaf Points?
  • They are points that help you join Tamayouz program, and Qitaf points are the points earned from payment of bills or earned from Qitaf partners

  • How do I earn status points?
  • By paying bills where every 1 SAR equals 1 status point, or by purchasing it through mystc app or website

  • How status points are calculated?
  • The system calculates the expiration date of the points on a daily basis according to the date of earning the status points

  • How long is the validity of the status points?
  • The validity of status points is 12 months, calculated from the date its earned (365) days.

  • Can products or services be purchased through status points?
  • No, as status points are the sum of what the customer has earned through purchasing the status points or by paying bills. It is used only in the mechanism of determining the customer tier in Tamayouz Program

  • When will the membership be upgraded or renewed?
  • When the number of status points reaches the required limit for the Tamayouz tiers, your membership will be renewed or upgraded within 24 hours.

  • How do I maintain my current tier in Tamayouz Program?
  • By maintaining the number of required status points, by paying your bills or purchasing status points.

  • Is it possible to join Tamayouz Program and upgrade from one tier to another?
  • Yes, once you obtain the number of status points required for each Tamayouz tier, as shown in the table below, whether through the acquisition or purchase of status points, you will join automatically to the appropriate Tamayouz tier

    - 7800 status points qualifies you for Tamayouz Gold Membership
    - 24000 status points qualifies you for Tamayouz Platinum Membership
    - 48000 status points qualifies you for Tamayouz Diamond Membership

  • Can I purchase status points in different payments?
  • Yes, you can purchase status points through mystc

  • Can I give status points to another customer as a gift?
  • Unfortunately, status points cannot be gifted

  • Does the amount of status points include tax?
  • The amount of status points is separate from tax amount

  • Can Sawa customer join Tamayouz Program?
  • Unfortunately, for now, Sawa customer cannot join the program

  • Can I pay the value of status points through SADAD system?
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to make payments through SADAD system