qitaf & Alfursan

qitaf Fursan Exchange Program

qitaf and Alfursan Exchange Program is a mutual partnership between stc and Saudi Arabian Airlines to allow members of both Alfursan and Postpaid qitaf to exchange their rewards, and to be eligible for the following:

  • To transfer your stc qitaf Points to your Alfursan account as Reward Miles.
  • To transfer Alfursan Reward Miles from your Alfursan account, exchanging them for stc qitaf Points.
Tire Min. Transfer point Max. Transfer/Transaction Max. Transfer/Year
Diamond 100 Points 1000 Points 1000 Points
Platinum 100 Points 500 Points 800 Points
Gold 100 Points 300 Points 600 Points
Classic 100 Points 200 Points 400 Points

*qitaf Prepaid members are not eligible for Alfursan Exchange Program

For registration and points transfer from qitaf points to Miles through stc, please send an SMS to 900 that includes the following codes:

Message Example
Registration 1222 Fursan (Membership) 1222 sv 12345678
Transfer qitaf Points to Miles 1333 Fursan (Number of points) 1333 sv 100
Remaining Balance 1444 Fursan Credit 1444 sv balance
Last five transactions 1444 Fursan Last 5 transactions 1444 sv last5
Terms and conditions Information 1444 1444

What is my qitaf balance?

View your qitaf points through mystc


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