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Careem specializes in providing you with quick and hassle-free transport services with trained drivers. Careem’s service is available in various cities throughout Saudi Arabia as well as several cities in the Middle East (like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Kuwait, and Manama). Their service thrives on being convenient, flexible, and safe.

As a Qitaf customer, you can EARN as well as REDEEM your Qitaf points for using Careem services.

how to earn qitaf points:

  • Every SAR 10 spent for Careem services will earn you 1 Qitaf point. .
  • You need to download the Careem application on your smartphone and go to the navigation panel.
  • Go to ‘Wallet’ and enter the ‘Loyalty Program’ section under ‘Earn rewards with partners’. Select ‘Qitaf’ from options visible to you.
  • Enter your stc mobile number (this number must be enrolled in Qitaf, if not, please send an SMS with 201 to 900 or alternatively enroll from the mystc application).
  • After entering the stc mobile number click ‘Activate Qitaf’ button and you are now eligible to start earning Qitaf points from Careem.
  • Now every time you use Careem, after making the payment upon completion of your ride, you will receive a dedicated email from Careem on the number of Qitaf points that will be added to your account.
  • It may take 24-48 hours (max) for the Qitaf points to get credited to your account.
  • Once the Qitaf points are added, you will also receive an SMS from stc confirming the addition of points to your account.stc.

how to redeem qitaf points for careem services:

  • As an stc customer you can redeem your Qitaf points and top-up Careem credit balance when requesting the service.
  • Go to navigation panel within the Careem app and select ‘Qitaf’ from Topup credit section.
  • Enter your valid Qitaf number in order to pay with Qitaf redemption amount.
  • You will receive a pin/password via sms that will have to be entered in the app to validate your number.
  • Once done just state the number of SAR value you wish to redeem from your Qitaf balance.
  • Press confirm and the redemption process will be complete, which would add SAR value selected in Careem wallet or credit balance.

*Please note that when Careem Topup credit is used for rides, it will not be eligible to earn Qitaf points. Only payments made via cash & credit card will be eligible for Qitaf points.

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