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Qitaf & Flyin

As an stc customer, You can Earn 1 Qitaf point for each SR 20 spent on flyin Platform as well as redeem Qitaf points against your purchases on the Flyin website. You just need to ensure that the number you use is enrolled in Qitaf, if not, please send an SMS with 201 to 900, or alternatively enroll through the mystc application. How to redeem and earn Qitaf points on the Flyin website:

  • Visit Flyin website (
  • Select your Flight, Hotel or Package.
  • At the payment page select (Apply Coupon, Offers or Redeem / Earn Qitaf Points) > select Qitaf points > Here you can switch between the options of redeem Or earn Qitaf points:

For Redemptions: Select (Redeem your points) then enter your stc mobile number. You will receive a pin/password via SMS that needs to be entered with the amount that you want to redeem in SAR to complete the redemption process. Each 5 Qitaf points will allow you to redeem 1 SAR. Once this transaction is complete, confirmation will be shown on the same page, additionally the amount payable for the booking will be reduced by the amount redeemed in SR.

For Earn: Select (Earn Qitaf points) then enter your stc mobile number. A confirmation will be given once the number has been accepted. Please note, points will be added to your Qitaf account by Flyin, a week after your booking/travel has been utilized. Each SR 20 spent will allow you to earn 1 Qitaf point. Once the points are added, you will receive an SMS notification for confirmation.

What is my qitaf balance?

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