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more memories double the points, to learn more send “booking” to 900

Qitaf & Booking

Booking.com is a leading global provider of online accommodation booking services. More than one million rooms are booked daily at the lowest prices and with the best options. Booking.com provides more than 900,700 different worldwide accommodations across hotels, apartments and resorts in 223 states and regions.

How to Book


Choose the hotel and room

You will be directed to the guest data entry page, and then click continue.


Select Payment Option

Customers must enter correct data (first name/family name/mobile number in 05XXXXXXXX format, so that points are correctly added for the customer points will be added after 45 days from check out.

More Information

  • Send Booking to 900

What is my qitaf balance?

View your qitaf points through mystc


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