Qitaf & Joelle


Joelle Paris Hair and Face Range is the result of years of research and development inside the finest beauty labs of France. Joelle’s beauty line has taken dedication, ambition and most important of all, passion to become what it is today. Joelle Paris website offers a range of beauty products for you to buy online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Qitaf members can earn as well as redeem Qitaf points for purchases at Joelle website. Qitaf members need to (create a profile) and add valid STC Mobile Number in order to redeem or earn Qitaf points.


  • For every SAR 10 spent, 1 Qitaf point will be added to member’s Qitaf account when they make purchases.
  • All a member needs to do is to provide a valid/active Mobile number while shopping, ensuring that the number provided is enrolled with Qitaf.
  • Whenever the user proceeds with an online (credit card) payment to Joelleparis.com , Qitaf points will be added within 24 hours based on the value spent.
  • The amount of Qitaf earned will be shown when the payment is complete at the checkout page.

How to Redeem Qitaf Points at Joelle:

  • In order to redeem Qitaf points, members can provide a valid Mobile number while checking out to pay for the purchases.
  • For redemptions SR 1 is equal to 5 Qitaf points (or SR 0.20 equals 1 Qitaf point).
  • Members can only redeem the full order amount and partial payments will not be permissible for redemptions.

For Example:

  • For shopping worth SR 100, the user must redeem the full amount in Qitaf value i.e. 500 Qitaf Points.
  • It is not possible to pay SR 60 with your Credit card and the rest of the SR 40 with your Qitaf points.

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