A class specifically designed for STC special customers. It introduces them to a world of exclusive and high-end personalized services 24\7. As an expression of their uniqueness.

How can I enroll?
The Enrollment is automatic once the total paid bills under your ID exceed SAR 7,800 in a year. You will be notified by SMS when you are enrolled in the program.
As a Qitaf Tamayouz Gold member you will receive 3,000 Qitaf points at enrollment
Program Benefits:
As a Tamayouz Gold customer, you will receive a bundle of benefits and discounts on a set of numbers under your ID, according to your choice. You will also get the priority at outlets and call center along with a discount on special numbers when buying a new line. You can easily design and manage your discounts as per your needs by logging in to MySTC App.

Benefits received by customers in this class include:

Mobile Benefits:
(Before selecting the discounts on additional services, the service must be added to the selected number).

Discounts on Minutes and Data:
(Customers can only choose one of the discounts listed below and install it under one of the postpaid numbers in their STC accounts).

Discounts on Special Numbers:
(Customers can have up to 3 discounts via their Qitaf membership).

Landline Advantages:

For further information about Qitaf Program:
  • Call 900.
  • send Tamayouz to 900.
  • Visit MySTC app.

Note This program only applies to STC consumer customers. It does not include government, commercial, or services institutions.

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