You and Your Card Are Welcomed Worldwide

With your Alawwal Qitaf Credit Card, you'll enjoy:

  • Joining Bonus*

    Spend and avail Qitaf Points as Joining Bonus:
    1- World: Spend SAR 5,000 in first 3 months and get 2,500 QitafPoints.
    2- Titanium: Spend SAR 2,500 in first 3 months and get 875 Qitaf Points.
  • Anniversary Bonus*

    Spend on your card and avail Qitaf Points as Anniversary Bonus at the end of each year, provided that your card is active and in use:
    1- World: 1,500 Qitaf Points
    2- Titanium: 500 Qitaf Points
  • Upgrade to Tamayouz Gold **
  • 0% Installment Plan: Buy a phone and pay in 12 easy installments***
  • No Annual Fee for 1st year****
  • Award Winning E-Banking Channels (Internet Banking, Mobile App, IVR)
  • Shariah Compliant Islamic Card
  • Free access to 850+ international airport lounges for World
  • Free access to 10+ airport lounges in the Middle East for Titanium

*Joining Bonus, Anniversary Bonus, Activation Offer, Tamayouz Gold upgrade and 0% EPP are not applicable for Titanium cards with limit under SAR 1,000.
**Upgrade to Tamayouz Gold for World upon spend of SAR 5,000 within the first 3 months for Titanium upon spend of SAR 2,500 within the first 3 months
***Customers are eligible to purchase one mobile phone on 0% installment plan up to SAR 4,000 in first year, call the bank to get more info
**** No annual fee with Alawwal Bank for our Priority, Preferred and Private Banking customers till they maintain segment status with Alawwal Bank.

Earn More Qitaf Points every time you spend on your card

Alawwal Qitaf World Credit Card Alawwal Qitaf Titanium Credit Card
International Spend 1 Qitaf point for every SR 7 spent 1 Qitaf point for every SR 10 spent
Local Spend 1 Qitaf point for every SR 20 spent 1 Qitaf point for every SR 20 spent

Note: Qitaf points are awarded for spend on card at Point-of-Sale and online transactions. Cash withdrawals and SADAD payments are not included.

Alawwal credit cards offer you :

  • Worldwide acceptance at millions of merchants
  • Option to pay your purchases in installments over 3, 6, 12, and up to 60 months
  • Free supplementary cards for family members
  • Secure online shopping with MasterCard 3D secure code
  • Smart chip.
  • Instant SMS notifications.
  • Cash on Demand by transferring from your card to your account with a call or online*
  • Easy bills payments through SADAD
  • Great discounts and offers from your favorite brands.
* Up to 30% of your credit card limit

Apply Today!

Apply online now. You can call the card service in Alawwal Bank via 800122525,or visit your nearest Alawwal Bank branch.