With Ajwaa and qitaf points, you will have more options & rewards!

qitaf and Ajwaa

The partnership between stc and Bank AlJazira is through the loyalty program “qitaf” which rewards stc customers with qitaf points that they earn by paying mobile, phone or prepaid bills. You can pay with qitaf points with a set of rewards, whether they are internal rewards such as minutes, messages or data, paying postpaid bills, recharging Sawa, or paying the value of purchases through qitaf partners.

As an stc customer, a whole world of qitaf rewards is now available for you as an Ajwaa credit cardholder. You can now convert your Ajwaa points to “qitaf” program and for every 2,835 Ajwaa points you transfer, you will get 50 “qitaf points”.

To know more about your qitaf balance, you can use mystc App.
To download mystc mystc

Ajwaa points qitaf points
2,835 50
5,670 100
8,505 150
11,340 200
14,175 250
17,010 300
19,845 350
22,680 400
28,350 500

How to convert Ajwaa points to qitaf points:

You can easily convert your Ajwaa points to qitaf by following the below easy steps (You must have the minimum of 2,835 Ajwaa points or more):

  • Go to www.ajwaa.com.sa and log-in using your Ajwaa program membership number & password.
  • Choose "Points Exchange" from the home page.
  • From the "Transfer to Telecom Partner" select "qitaf Points".
  • Select the amount of Ajwaa points you want to transfer and then enter stc number you wish to transfer point to in the following format 5xxxxxxx
  • Complete the remaining required details and click “Transfer Points”.
  • You will receive an SMS from stc confirming the transfer transaction and an email conformation from Ajwaa.

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