collect points and use them to pay for your purchases

GSM numbers from other operators

qitaf program introduction:

qitaf is one of the largest loyalty programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and qitaf members can earn qitaf points against their spending on products & services at collaborating stores (stc Partners). qitaf points are as good as cash and can be spent by members to shop around as they please.

qitaf for GSM numbers from other operators:

As holder of a GSM number from other operator(s), you too can now join the qitaf loyalty program. Once a qitaf member, you can then earn points for shopping at countless qitaf partner brands across KSA. Each point you earn is worth SR 0.20 (1 SR = 5 points) which you can also use at many of the online stores across the Kingdom.

How to enroll:

Enrollment to qitaf loyalty program is very simple. Simply visit either a participating qitaf earn partner outlet or partner online store, and provide your GSM / mobile number to earn points.
Upon performing the transaction and providing your number, we will send you an SMS having a unique web link. Upon clicking this link you will be lead to a webpage where you need to provide consent to become a member of qitaf. That’s it! You will become part of millions of customers that enjoy the benefits of qitaf on a daily basis.

How I pay by points?

You can pay by your points at participating qitaf partners by simply providing your qitaf enrolled number. You will receive OTP (One Time Password) which you need to use in order to proceed with the pay by points transaction.

Raising complaints

  • qitaf member mobile GSM numbers from other operators will be able to call 011-4555555 to get in touch with the Call Center agents for balance queries (IVR recording/or SMS) and complaints.
  • stc Call Center Team will be handling qitaf member mobile GSM numbers from other operators to manage their queries and complaints.

Terms & Conditions

1- As a GSM numbers from other operators, you can only join by enrolling via the process listed and by providing a consent. If you do not provide a consent within 30 days of receiving the web link after your first transaction, you will neither enroll into the program nor you will receive the points from your transaction

2- A mobile number from other KSA operators (regardless of prepaid or postpaid) should only be able to join qitaf through this flow. No landline / international numbers are allowed to enroll into the program

3- Numbers from other operators enrolling into qitaf can only accrue /earn points from external qitaf partners and redeem for external partners only. They will not be earning points from stc services. Likewise they also cannot redeem points for stc internal rewards

4- A mobile number belonging to stc (even B2B) and Jawwy are not allowed for this GSM numbers from other operators flow/program. They have a process to enroll in place which they should follow to become a member

5- These loyalty members will not be able to join the Tamayouz program as one has to be stc member to become a Tamayouz customer

6- Accrued points have an expiry period of 12 months only from the date of accrual of points

7- Enrolment web address / URL received via SMS initially for enrolment for qitaf will expire in 30 days

8- Transfer of points are not allowed for numbers from another operator in qitaf program

9- Member status should be Active when it is first registered

10- Member status should be changed to Expired when customer (mobile number) moves to stc or customer gets de-enrolled or 180 days have passed without activity or the qitaf balance has remained '0' for more than 180 days.

11- When the member status is changed to Expired, all existing qitaf reward points will also be expired.

12- Any new GSM number(s) from other operators, the qitaf enrollment request (if) same mobile number will follow the same enrollment process and create a new membership for qitaf.

13- When the member status is suspended, redemption of points will not be allowed

14- Every mobile number should be treated as a separate member/qitaf ID and line, and points will be accumulated individually and redeemed individually