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Collect and redeem your qitaf points at qitaf partners or use your points to enjoy stc rewards.

About qitaf

A program to show gratitude for your loyalty as an stc customer. You can subscribe to qitaf for free and start collecting points by simply paying your bills.

Redeem points

You can redeem your qitaf Points for a variety of stc products such as: minutes, SMS, and Data. You can also redeem your points through the qitaf external partner network.

how to enroll in qitaf

Through mystc

Send 201 to 900

Other operators customers

how to enroll in qitaf as a partner


Program Categories

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More in qitaf

qitaf Partners and qitaf Tamayouz Discounts

A selection of the world’s best brands. Enables qitaf customer to benefit from the points and Tamayouz customer to have discounts.

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Internal List Rewards

You can redeem your points for Jawal, Sawa and Al Hatif products by simply using the slider below to know what products you can redeem with the number of points you have.

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Global Goodness

collaboration with GlobalGoodness, stc launched the GlobalGoodness Program

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qitaf fursan

qitaf and Alfursan Exchange Program is a mutual partnership between stc and Saudi Arabian Airlines to allow members of both Alfursan and qitaf to exchange their rewards

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qitaf & careem app

Careem is a company that offers private chauffeur driven cars to their clients by ordering the car through your smartphone via the Careem app.

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qitaf & flyin

Flyin is a leading Saudi online travel and tourism agency that offers hotel bookings with guaranteed lowest prices and best promotions in over 320,000 hotels around the world and aboard more than 450 international airlines

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Alawwal qitaf Credit Card

Enjoy more stc qitaf points and exclusive benefits along with many features to make your card usage highly rewarding.

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What is my qitaf balance?

View your qitaf points through mystc


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