Your bill is issued during the first week of each month

In conformity with service billing directives and directives of the Authority in this regard, we are pleased to inform you that bills will be issued according to the Gregorian calendar as of March 1 for mobile phones and June 1 for landlines. Any difference in billing resulting from the switch will be calculated for the benefit of the customers as of 1/1/2018 until completion of the process.

Q& A Related to Using the Gregorian Calendar Year in New Bills

  • Q1. Why did the bills due date changes? Will customers be able to choose the due date of their next bill?
    A1. Dates were changed according to the royal directives and the decision of the Communications & Information Technology Commission to issue utility bills during the first week of each Gregorian month.

  • Q2. When stc bills are issued?
    A2. Bills are issued on any day between 1st and 7th of each calendar month.

  • Q3. What does that change means for a customer having two stc numbers and each with a different billing date?
    A3. Bill of Landline and mobile number for the same customer’s ID number will be issued on the same day. This means that bills against all your numbers will be issued on dates as per the answer for question 2 above. The customer will get a message stating the specific date for issuing bills.

  • Q4. Does this change affect customers' credit limit?
    A4. No, this would not affect the credit limit, unless the first bill takes more than 30 days to issue as per the new directives.

  • Q5. Can a customer request to receive its bills according to Islamic calendar?
    A5. No. All bills issue in the Gregorian calendar.

  • Q6. Why did the due amount change in my bill? I used to pay SAR 400 per month for Postpaid 400, but my last bill was half that amount?
    A6. The outstanding amount in the first bill would be different due to the change in calendar and billing dates, the fees would be calculated according to the number of days covers in that bill. Example: If a customer's previous bill issued on February 14th, and the new bill will be issued on the 1st of March, the plan will be calculated for these days only and the bill will be issued nearly by half of the amount.

  • Q7. Will there be any bills covering more than 30 days?
    A7. Yes, bills normally issued during the period between the 23th and 28th of February will be postponed to the first week of March. Thus, the billing days will be more than 30 days and 43 days at max. This way the billing date for these customers will be higher than usual due to increase of billing days.

  • Q8. Will this change apply to landlines and mobile numbers at the same time?
    A8. No. The change will apply to mobile numbers as first phase (first phase, on March 1st), whereas, landlines will be included in the second phase on July 1st. Customers will be notified for the calendar change and their new billing dates via SMS. Note: Billing dates for certain landlines will be modified as part of the first phase along with mobile numbers.

  • Q9. If a Postpaid 100 customer paid his bill on the 26th of January, and consume all its data (4GB) by the 20th of February. In this case, the new data plan is expected to come into effect on the 25th of February, but they will not be able to use their data package until their bill is issued between the 1st and the 7th of March, the bill would be higher even though, they would not be able to use their purchased package.
    A9. Data packages will be renewed in 30 days as usual, and are not related to the billing period.

  • Q10. If a customers have an International Key subscription (120 minutes per month) for SAR 70, and they used up the entire package in the first two days, the fees for the International Key will be calculated for more than 30 days although the customer did not benefit from the package for this period.
    Q10. As a rule, this product is calculated based on the number of days for the service consumed. Any deductions will be in full regardless of the period, and its billing could not exceed 30 days. In other words, if the customer used the service for 5 days, billing will be issued for those 5 days. If the customer used the service for 30 days, billing will be issued for the 30 days. And if the number of days were extended to 33, the bill will be issued for 30 days only.

  • Q11. If the new bill covers more than 30 days, therefore it might be for more than the usual amount. In case the new bill exceeded the credit limit and thus invoked customer complaints, how will stc respond?
    A11. The credit limit is not related to the billing date; the service suspend once the customer reaches the credit limit regardless of the billing date.

  • Q12. The stc package 400 Plus includes 2,000 minutes of off-net calls valid for 30 days. If a customer bought the package and their bill was issued 25 days later, but they had used up all the free minutes by that time, will the customer be charged an extra fee for using 2,000 off-net minutes in less than 30 days? What is the policy in this case?
    A12. Customers will not be charged any extra fees, and they can consume their free minutes, as they want.