Mobile Internet Package

Package Name Term Price
1GB Internet Package One month 25 SAR for one subscription
5GB Internet Package One month 65 SAR for one subscription
10GB Internet Package One month 80 SAR for one subscription

*Prices do not include the VAT 5%.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid 1, 5 and 10 GB internet packages for one month.
  • The package works for all invoiced packages except the 400 package.
  • The fair use policy does not apply to the internet package.
  • Once activated, the package cannot be cancelled by the client.
  • The client can activate the package via the channels below:

    -mystc app

    -Visit stc branch

    -Call 900

    -Send “2999” to 900 to subscribe

  • The offer is permanent


  • can I subscribe in more than one data package at a time?
  • yes, you can subscribe in more than one data package at a time.

  • do data packages work on all mofawtar plans?
  • the packages work for all mofawtar plans except the 400 package.

  • in case your plan have a limited internet (Basic, 2 and 3) and I subscribed to a limited internet package (1, 5 & 10 GB), will the data be consumed from the mofawtar plan or the limited data package?
  • The package from which consumption started first is data consumed. Example: If you subscribe to 5 GB data package while you are on mofawtar 2, then the consumption of the 5GB data package will start after the full consumption of (mofawtar 2).

  • will the package be automatically renewed?
  • no

  • how long the offer validity is?
  • the offer is permanent.