Your kid’s first smart device in just 5 steps

Have you decided to buy a smart Device for your children after their long insistence and out of your sympathy with them?
Here are five steps to buy the appropriate Device without hesitation:

Choosing the Device:

Among all various Devices, how can I choose the right Device for my son? Try to identify your son's needs and the appropriate price. Do not bother yourself with the search, we provide you with a wide range of types and brands at various prices through different payment methods; either installments or cash. You can find all such options on the following link Smart Devices

Choosing Package and Monthly Payment:

Choosing Package and Monthly Payment: One of the biggest problems that parents face is paying their children's Device bills and searching for appropriate internet packages, especially if Wi-Fi is not available at home. Therefore, we provide you with a range of packages that cater their various needs:
A. Prepaid Packages:
SAWA is a prepaid SIM from stc, enabling you to make local and international calls and browse internet.
B. Postpaid Packages:
These packages provide unlimited benefits and free, exclusive services to postpaid customers.

Protection and Parental Control:

All parents are anxious that their children may watch any content of criminal, violent, inappropriate and pornographic nature; so we provide you with a page designated to help you know how to protect your children from such risks

Downloading Important and Interesting Applications:

Downloading Important and Interesting Applications: There are many different applications your child will inevitably benefit from, including:
‏Tuby: It is a wide range of interesting and educational videos suitable for their age. It also provides a fun and educational experience to all children on any smart Device.
Lamsa It is an Arabic platform full and rich of educational and entertainment content for kids aged 3-8.
Jawwy TV App: is a mobile application that provides a wide range of the latest movies and series including Arabic, Western and Turkish, and top free to air and encrypted TV channels, along with documentaries and kids programs

Dawri Plus: It is the best digital platform to follow Saudi football. This App provides exclusive coverage of Saudi league games, game summaries and many exclusive videos for Saudi league fans.
mystc : It enables you to know the remaining balance of internet and minutes, plus other benefits enabling you to have access to all information about your package.
Google Keep: It helps you record your lectures and convert them to text
Nafham: It explains educational videos to primary, preparatory and secondary students
Calculator: A scientific calculator for iOS users helps you in case you lose or forget your calculator.
Power Planner: It helps you in managing your studying schedule

Maintaining Your Device:

Your child may experience problems with the Device shortly after buying it. This may be due to misuse and non-adherence to the Device maintenance instructions that should be taken into account right after buying the Device. See summarized instructions about how to take care of your smart Device.