Authenticate your mobile number

Using your fingerprint for authentication thru our branches or authorized distributors

Fingerprint identification
In line with new regulations from the Communications and Information Technology Commission to link the prepaid line to the owner's fingerprint, please visit one of our branches or authorized distributors to update your data and register your fingerprint, to continue to enjoy our offers and services.

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What does “SAWA SIM with your Fingerprint!” mean?
It means that SIM cards can only be issued or activated after the line’s owner has submitted their fingerprints.

Who need to submit fingerprints?
Anyone who uses a SIM card from any operators within KSA must submit their fingerprints.

Do I need to submit my fingerprints at specific locations?
You can submit your fingerprints at all stc branches and Kiosks, in addition to all authorized mobile shops across KSA

How long will fingerprinting take?
It will take 2 to 3 minutes to scan your fingerprints and enter and link the data.

Why fingerprints must be taken in order to activate a SIM card?
stc will scan the customer’s fingerprints to match them to NIC’s database. In order for a SIM to be activated it must match the fingerprints in the database.

Which fingers are used in fingerprinting?
Any finger of the right or left hand can be used.

Are legal powers of attorney accepted?
No, powers of attorney are not accepted; the owner of the line must personally attend to submit fingerprints.

Is the fingerprint process required only when a new line is activated?
No, fingerprints are required to activate a new line, change the SIM, change the number, transfer the ownership, etc.

Are fingerprints also required to update personal information?
Yes, fingerprints must be also submitted to update personal information, being the main identifier.

What if I don’t have a fingerprint at government database, can I still validate my fingerprint?
No, you have to fingerprint at any Civil Affairs branch (for Saudis) or at any Passports branch (for non-Saudis) first, and visit us later to validate your fingerprint against your SIM.

I am using a SIM card, which is not registered under my name. Does this mean that I cannot validate and keep using this SIM card?
If you are in fact the user of the SIM card and you have the SIM in hands when you visit any of our branches or authorized mobile shops, you can link the same to your own ID and fingerprint and continue using the SIM card.

What is the timeframe allowed to expats outside the KSA to authenticate their fingerprint?
They have a special timeframe of 15 days since their arrival to KSA.

What are the other fingerprint locations for women other than the certified PoS and mobile shops?
All Jarir library branches and all Extra exhibitions across the KSA.

Is there a cost to validate my fingerprint?
No, validation is totally free.

Will my line be disconnected, note that I’m currently using my number abroad, and I can’t authenticate my number?
Your line will be exempted temporarily from disconnection, since you are outside the Kingdom. Upon your arrival to the Kingdom, you will be granted a period of two weeks starting from the date of your arrival in order to finalize the authentication.

I didn’t authenticate my number, it wasn’t disconnected yet, note that I’m not out the Kingdom. Does this mean my number doesn’t require authentication?
As per regulations from the Communications and Information Technology Commission, the disconnection will be starting from July 20 as batches, that’s mean the number may disconnected anytime.