Your neighborhood’s got Fiber

About the Fiber Optics Project of the National Transformation Program 2020

The National Transformation Program 2020 is one of the programs under Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. The program includes the Fiber Optics Project, which delivers fiber optic cables to all houses in target neighborhoods with the goal of reaching 88% coverage in high-density neighborhood; an objective the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology seeks to achieve through the partnership with stc.

• Steps to establish the Fiber Optics service according to the National Transformation Program 2020

The project will reach residential areas according to the Ministry's list of priorities and population density. The actual work will begin within three months from taking over the worksite, according to a preset plan.

• Extending fiber optic cables correctly to recipients' houses

The service will be activated via cables extended into your house from the fiber optic box installed on the outer wall of the building. For more information on extending cables inside the house, please see the guide below

Questions and answers about the Fiber Optics Project of the National Transformation Program 2020

What is that project currently ongoing in my neighborhood?

A: It is a project to extend fiber optic cables to all houses in the neighborhood. The project is part of the National Transformation Program 2020.

How will the project progress in the neighborhood?

The project will progress on several stages:

  • 1. Digging: presetting the trail to customers' houses, complete the dig, and clean the area
  • 2. Extending pipes: extending the pipes inside the dug groove.
  • 3. Closing the groove: extending precautionary tape and closing the groove with concrete.
  • 4. Paving: the area will be prepped and paved with asphalt to restore it to its previous condition before the dig.
  • 5. Installing service boxes: installing cabins and boxes in customers' houses and fully connect them with the rest of the project with fiber optic cables.
  • 6. Activation: at the end of the process, all the installed boxes will be identified into the company's system.

What is the fiber optics network?

It is a high-speed internet service that uses optical fibers and offers unlimited download capacity.

How long will the project take?

Usually, it takes us three months to offer the service.

Will you restore the dig area to its original state (tiles, tarmac, house facade)

Yes, with the same materials and craftsmanship.

What are the available internet speeds? How much in the monthly subscription? And how can I subscribe?

The project includes several speeds (500 – 200 – 100)Mbps. To subscribe and lear more about prices and packages.(Hyprlink)learn more about prices and packages,
You may also call 900, use mystc, visit one of our Customer Services offices, or speak to our Sales Representative who will pay you a visit when the service is ready to be activated in your neighborhood.

How will the customers know when the project is concluded?

We will put a poster reading "Ready for Activation" on their internet boxes.

When can I apply to receive the service?

We will communicate with you after word has been finished, and a Sales Representative will visit your house to offer you the service.

How can the cables be extended inside the house?

There are several ways if your house is ready to receive such extensions; please check the Extensions and Installations Guide

What is the best spot to install the modem inside the house?

It is up to you! It is preferable to install it away from the reach of children because optic fibers are very sensitive. The best location is at the nearest access point to the outdoor extension.