Do it yourself

Send “DIY” to 900

In order to provide you with the best service and save your time and energy, we give you 3 digital channels that will help you process all your requests so that you can get your SIM delivered to your door, subscribe to any service you want instantly, or have a clear breakdown of your numbers and much more.

mystc app

With mystc app, you can request a new or alternative SIM for any of your lines and receive it at your door in no time. Moreover, you can review your bills, subscribe to services, learn more about your Qitaf points, all of your lines and much more. Download the app

mystc shop

With Self Service Machine, you can do all transactions that require branch visits. The Machines are found in more than 200 locations and operate on 24/7 basis. More

mystc 900

Any question you have, 900 will answer it. Text “Help” to 900 now and get all the information you need.

From now on, your transactions can be handled through these digital channels.