Sawa Ziyara

Sawa Ziyara is the best prepaid line in the Kingdom from STC. Sawa Ziyara allows Saudi Arabia visitors (whether they’re here on vacation, on business trip, Umrah, or for Hajj) to be in touch with their family and friends both inside and outside the Kingdom .

Sawa Ziyara Benefits

Sawa Ziyara Rates:
Service Fees
SIM Price 31.5 SR ( 5% VAT included)
All local calls 0.55 SR / Minute
International calls Starting from 0.55 SR / Minute
Local & international SMS 0.25 SR
Easynet (Internet Pay as you go)  2 SR / MB

How to get the SIM card:
You can find the SIM card at any STC sales offices.
Recharge Cards:

Recharge Cards:

You can recharge your Sawa through recharge cards
Recharge Card Price *
Sawa 15 Recharge card 15.75 SR
Sawa 20 Recharge card 21 SR
Sawa 25 Recharge card 26.25 SR
Sawa 30 Recharge card 31.5 SR
Sawa 50 Recharge card 52.5 SR
Sawa 100 Recharge card  105 SR
Sawa 200 Recharge card  210 SR
Sawa 300 Recharge card  315 SR
*5% VAT Included
SAWA Ziara SIM Validity:
It works for 60 days from the activation date and it will be deactivated automatically afterwards.
Validity period will not be extended with each recharge.