Package Card

Feature  Fee
SIM Price 31.5 SR (5% VAT included)
Initial Credit 25 SR
All national calls 0.55 SR / Minute
International calls Starting from 0.55 SR / Minute
SMS within STC Network 0.25 SR
SMS to other network 0.35 SR
International SMS 0.25 SR
Easynet (Internet Pay-As-You-Go) 2 SR / MB

SIM is automatically activated once registered in the customer's name, without having to be used.
To check your Sawa balance at any time dial *166# then press call or call 1500 (free of charge).

SAWA SIM validity period
SAWA SIM is valid for 90 days from activation date.
The customer can extend validity to 90 days for credit and to 360 days for SIM, this applies upon using any paid services like (making calls, sending SMSs, credit recharging, subscribing to SAWA Packages or Telecom services… etc.)
In case you didn’t do any paid activity for 90 days, the credit will be deducted.
In case you didn’t do any paid activity for 360 days, the service will be canceled.