The newest addition to SAWA recharge cards

Recharge Form

Recharge card Balance Price * Validity Period
SAWA 15 Recharge card 15 SR 15.75 SR 90 Days
SAWA 16 Recharge card 15.24 SR 16 SR 90 Days
SAWA 20 Recharge card 20 SR 21 SR 90 Days
SAWA 25 Recharge card 25 SR 26.25 SR 90 Days
SAWA 30 Recharge card 30 SR 31.5 SR 90 Days
SAWA 50 Recharge card 50 SR 52.5 SR 90 Days
SAWA 100 Recharge card 100 SR 105 SR 90 Days
SAWA 200 Recharge card 200 SR 210 SR 90 Days
SAWA 300 Recharge card 300 SR 315 SR 90 Days
* 5% VAT Included

Now, SAWA customers can use QuickNet Voucher Cards that were exclusively made for QuickNet customers.
You can buy voucher cards through any official point of sales and authorized resellers and activate them directly on your SAWA line.
To know more about various internet packages, please visit Internet Vouchers webpage.

Internet Vouchers

Visit SAWA Recharge Methods page to learn more about multiple SAWA Recharge Methods

SAWA Recharge Methods

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