sawa recharge cards the newest addition

Recharge Form

sawa recharge packages include 15% VAT:

Recharge card Balance Price * Validity Period
sawa 20 recharge card 17.39 SAR 20 SAR 90 days
sawa 25 recharge card 25 SAR 28.75 SAR 90 days
sawa 30 recharge card 30 SAR 34.5 SAR 90 days
sawa 50 recharge card 50 SAR 57.5 SAR 90 days
sawa 100 recharge card 100 SAR 115 SAR 90 days
sawa 200 recharge card 200 SAR 230 SAR 90 days
sawa 300 recharge card 300 SAR 345 SAR 90 days
* Price includes 15% VAT

sawa SIM and recharge terms and conditions:

  • sawa SIM is valid for 90 days from activation date.
  • The customer can extend validity to 90 days for credit and to 360 days for SIM, this applies upon using any paid services like (making calls, sending SMSs, credit recharging, subscribing to sawa Packages or Telecom services… etc.)
  • In case you didn’t do any paid activity for 90 days, the credit will be deducted.
  • In case you didn’t do any paid activity for 360 days, the service will be canceled.
  • Reamining balance can be either depleted or transferred to other stc line in case of: (SIM disconnection, moving to another operator)

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