Mofawtar 3

    Enjoy 100GB internet data, Unlimited Social Media, 100GB stcwifi, unlimited calls within stc network and more with the postpaid plan mofawtar 3 plus

    Package Card

  • Internet 100GB
  • Social media Unlimited
  • stcwifi (Internet wifi) 100GB
  • Calls within stc NetworkUnlimited
  • Calls to other network1000 Minutes
  • SMS to within network Unlimited
  • SMS to other network 1000 SMS
  • Monthly Fees 264.5 SR

  • This package does NOT support MultiSIM service

  • Social media apps are: WhatsApp, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch.
  • 5G is activated by default for this package
  • Calls will be charged 34.5 halala per minute after consuming the free calls to other network.
  • SMS will be charged 28.75 Halala per SMS after consuming the free SMS to other network.
  • *Prices include the VAT 15%.

  • Terms & Conditions ​

    • Call tariffs numbers that start with 9200 will be charged on the local network minutes included in the package, and when the minutes expire, the call is charged at 17.25 Halala per minute.
    • Calls to 4 to 6 digits short codes will be charged as inside stc network rates, and when minutes expire, the call is charged as inside stc network tariffs.
    • Installments Program for Smartphones
    • Calls to 3 digit numbers, calls to other operators call centers, calls for emergency numbers are free
    • Call tariffs for the number (905): 2.3 SR per call .


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