A new iPhone In your hands Annually

With the Device Annual Upgrade Program

The Devices Annual Upgrade Program (AUP) is a new service, which allows Mofawtar 5 and Mofawtar 4 customers to upgrade their smartphone devices every 12 months by trading their old device and get a new one.

This service is eligible for Mofawtar 5 and Mofawtar 4 customers as of below:

  • For Mofawtar 5 customers: The smartphone device contract should be on 24 months period only.
  • For Mofawtar 4 customers: The smartphone device contract should be on 200 instalment program with a 24 months period only.

This service will allow customers to renew their smartphone device every 12 months and pay AUP Key monthly fee for 12 months.

Devices AUP monthly:

Smartphones Monthly AUP Key * Monthly Plan Contract Period
iPhone 11 64 GB 30

Mofawtar 5

Mofawtar 4 with 200 Instalment program
24 months
iPhone 11 128 GB 30 24 months
iPhone 11 256 GB 30 24 months
iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB 45 24 months
iPhone 11 Pro 256 GB 65 24 months
iPhone 11 Pro 512 GB 40 24 months
iPhone 11 Pro max 64 GB 70 24 months
iPhone 11 Pro max 256 GB 50 24 months
iPhone 11 Pro max 512 GB 30 24 months

  • Customer pays the monthly key only for 12 months.
  • Customers can upgrade as soon as 12 months have passed from their existing contract, and they will have a window of three months to upgrade (Month 13, 14, and 15 from the device contract). If they have paid the installments and the AUP key at full and that there is no pending payments, their existing contract will be cancelled without any penalty and they can upgrade or choose a new device contract.
  • The upgrade window is only between the 13th and 15th months of the customers’ subscription to the program and signing the device contract.
  • stc will evaluate the old smartphone’s condition. The old smartphone can be accepted by stc only if it is in a good condition. It is stc’s full discretion to consider whether an old smartphone is in good condition [Grading criteria and eligibility of a device are predetermined, stc can only accept devices pre-enrolled in the program and meet the agreed upon grading criteria.]

Recommendation: In order to ensure that your device is protected and remains eligible as per the device inspection terms, it is recommended to subscribe to the stc Protect service.

Device Conditions:

You need to answer every question with Yes in order for the device to pass the inspection:

1. Device turns On/Off? (Power up)
2. Device can make and receive calls?
3. Device Wireless (WIFI) working?
4. Screen Lock, pin locks, passcode locks removed?
5. Device not bent?
6. Home, Volume and Power Button working?
7. SIM tray is not missing?
8. No Liquid Damage?
9. iCloud "Find my iPhone is deactivated"?

Accepted Not-Accepted
Unlimited scratches on the front glass, LCD damage / bleeding
Unlimited scratches on the rear glass, Front glass lifting
Chips on plastic ring around front and rear glass Minor parts such as power button, volume button, home button missing
Paint peeling Signs of liquid damage
Dents on corners Swollen Battery (safety hazard)
Camera lens missing, cracked or damaged iPhone Stuck on iTunes/Passcode lock/Apple ID
Etching, customized housing and aftermarket covers Bent devices without the screen lifting
Chips and / or cracks on front glass Consumer Data not deleted, Cannot wipe consumer data
Functional test passed (power, home buttons, display) Activation lock on
Charger, phone box not needed Jailbroken or rooted devices
Non-working buttons Display with intermittent issues (dim displays, lines through screen, flash on/off, scramble)
Non-functioning display (bad touch) Does not power on. Boot errors

Upgrade Window:

 The upgrade window is between the 13th and 15th months of the customers’ subscription to the program.

Additional payments:

 On upgrading to the next smartphone, additional payments may apply, and will be communicated prior to upgrading the device.
 If the customers’ smartphone fails the inspection list, the device will not be accepted, and the customer will not be able to upgrade to the next smartphone, in this case, the current contract will be continued against the customer as agreed on.


When can I upgrade my device?

You can upgrade as soon as 12 months have passed from your existing device contract, and you will have a window of three months to upgrade.

What happens to my old device when I upgrade?

You will hand your old device to us, the device will be inspected on the spot, and once the device passes the inspection list you will be guided to subscribe to a new device contract based on your choice of device.

What is the acceptable physical condition of my device when I hand it in?

It should be in good working condition. Please see device inspection checklist.

Which iPhones are included in this program?

This program covers iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

What if my iPhone does not pass the physical inspection list?

A device that does not pass the physical inspection list cannot be upgraded, however, you can bring it back after getting it repaired in the condition that qualifies return of the device to be entitled.

What if I want to upgrade to a more expensive device?

Sure, no problem, you simply pay the additional associated fees for the new device at the time of upgrade, and your new monthly installments will be as per your selected device.

What if I no longer wish to remain on the program?

In that case, you can either finish up your device contract or terminate it and pay the associated termination fees.

What if my phone was fixed or changed via Apple warranty, can I still upgrade my device?

Yes, you only need to bring your new device, with the paperwork received from Apple regarding the exchange of the device. The paperwork should indicate the old IMEI of the old device, and the new IMEI.

Term and Condition