Annual Upgrade Program

 To be eligible to subscribe to Annual Upgrade Program, the user will be required to purchase the smartphone on a 24-month contract from STC from a pre-defined list of approved models.
 The program allows the customer to upgrade to a new smartphone every year. If the user has completed at least the initial 12-months’ period of the Smartphone Contract and the returned device is in good working condition, the customer can avail the upgrade to the new smartphone along with the new device contract of the customer choice at the 13th month.
 STC will evaluate the old smartphone’s condition. The old smartphone can be accepted by STC only if it is in a good condition. It is STC’s full discretion to consider whether an old smartphone is in good condition [Grading criteria and eligibility of a device are predetermined, STC can only accept devices pre-enrolled in the program and meet the agreed upon grading criteria.]
 The customer will hand the existing smartphone back to STC when upgrading, the device is inspected, and if the inspection is passed, the customer becomes eligible to subscribe to a new device contract.
 Once the customer hands in his/her device to STC for upgrading, and the device passes the physical inspection test, the device ownership is transferred from the customer to STC.
 If the device was exchanged under either STC protect or Apple warranty, the customer will still be eligible to upgrade to the next smartphone, documentation of the device exchange will be requested.
 The user will be solely responsible for removing all data, including personal and confidential data and device locks from the old smartphone prior to upgrade to the new service.
 It is the user’s sole responsibility to back up any files or data from the old smartphone that the user wishes to retain after upgrade of the old smartphone. STC does not provide data recovery as part of the service. STC shall not be liable for any lost or disclosed files or data
 The user shall be responsible for removing the SIM card from the old smartphone. STC shall not be responsible for any costs arising from the user’s failure to remove the SIM card
 The user is required to return the old smartphone at selected STC outlets. STC will evaluate the old smartphone’s condition. The old smartphone can be accepted by STC only if it is in a good condition
 The upgrade to new smartphone is subject to availability of stock [Please note that it is preferred to wipe out all data from the device once all the conditions are met and confirmed i.e. maturity in the program, stock availability for items on upgrade list]
 Termination of the subscription to the existing smartphone contract will terminate the Devices Annual Upgrade Program.
 The old smartphone must have the same device model, capacity and International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number as the smartphone device purchased through STC with the smartphone plan.
 In case the old smartphone has been replaced by Apple or Apple Store, the user is required to show a documentation proof of their replacement. The store will photocopy and keep a copy of the proof with the device