Top Features

  • Improved Voice Coverage: Enables clear and reliable voice connections within the coverage area
  • Improved Data Throughput: For indoor areas with poor reception, Cel-Fi offers significant data throughput improvements for HSPA+ or LTE
  • Improved Battery Life: Cel-Fi manages the power levels between the cell tower and user devices so that subscriber devices enjoy significant improvements in battery life.
  • Ease of Installation: Cel-Fi is a true “Plug and Play” system that doesn’t require the installation of external antennas, bulky coaxial cables or a configuration set-up by the subscriber.
  • Color: Black

The Customer must select the delivery address as the place of installation and should not move the devices from that location as per the regulations set by CITC.

Signal booster devices extends and enhances indoor coverage and for it to work properly, the first device should be located in an area with good coverage (window) and the other device in the area with low coverage.

Plans & Prices

Cel-fi Pro - Black color

Mofawtar max
12 Months 18 Months 24 Months
460.00 No Down Payment No Down Payment
Monthly Payment Amount
For Baity Bundles customers
12 Months 18 Months 24 Months
28.75 SR 4255.00 4082.50 3910.00
57.5 SR 3910.00 3565.00 3220.00
86.25 SR 3565.00 3047.50 2530.00
115 SR 3220.00 2530.00 1840.00
143.75 SR 2875.00 2012.50 1150.00
172.5 SR 2530.00 1495.00 460.00
230 SR 1840.00 460.00 Without down payment
287.50 SR Without down payment Without down payment Without down payment

Cash Price: 4600 SR

*The displayed prices include 15% VAT

Terms & Conditions

Getting a device:

You can now order your device through the store at mystc app with free delivery, as well as through stc branches.


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