Home Phone

Home Phone

Offering a monthly subscription and low rates for calls, as well as the free services that you can enjoy that are provided for all packages.

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Service Rates:

Service Price
Installation fees Free
Subscription fees SAR45/month
Calls to stc mobile network and other mobile operators SAR0.40/minutes
Charges for local calls SAR0.05/minute
Charges for internal calls SAR0.10/minute
Calls to other landline operators SAR0.20/minute
5% VAT will be added to the postpaid total bill amount Subscribe
  • The call tariff to 9200 on net and off net is 30 halala per minute.
  • The call tariff to short numbers (consisting of three to six digits) is as follows:
    - Directory inquiries 905 (2 riyals per call).
    - The cost to call 1100-901-17777-199088-19940-19990- 199090 is (30 halalas per minute).
    - The cost of calling the rest of the short numbers (consisting of three to six digits) is (50 halala per minute).

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