What is Smart Home

Smart Home is an easy to use and install wireless home network. Multiple devices connect to the Internet through a main device and make up your smart home. Currently, this service is only available in Riyadh city, and soon in other cities.

Control your home appliances

Smart Home helps users control home appliances (lighting devices, air conditioning units, home appliances, etc.) and allows users to manage energy waste. Smart Home users can ensure the proper functioning of home appliances according to their needs nothing less or more.

Monitor and control your home

Smart Home enables users to control and monitor their homes through the Smartphone application for Smart Home, which offers many control and automation features.

Enhance your home safety

Smart Home also allows users to enhance home safety through sensors connected to home appliances and alarm devices that send direct notifications to your smartphone. `

Smart Home Application

Smart Home has many benefits, such as:

  • Controlling your entire home through a smart app.
  • Receiving notifications through the app or direct messaging.
  • Creating scenarios that best fit the users lifestyle in a very easy way.
  • Creating customized commands to help users automate devices
  • Connecting Amazon ECHO to personal assistant.
  • Sending voice commands through the app.

Smart Home’s app also provides many benefits, such as:

  • Controlling more than one home on the same account.
  • Connecting the geolocation of the user to a command.
  • Connecting environmental indicators to a command.
  • Dividing your home into sections and managing section by section according to the user's benefit.

The Smart Home app distinguishes itself from other products by providing different sensors that are used to automate devices and enhance home safety through specialized commands for different scenarios.
In addition, Smart Home offers multiple lighting control features that any technician, or person with basic electrical knowledge, can easily install and use. Regular lighting switches are replaced with Smart Home switches without rewiring, allowing users to easily control lighting levels.
All sensors are powered by an energy-sensitive battery for a period longer than a year (depending on usage).


Starter Kit Package

It is the basic package for subscription in service. This package includes 6 devices and is designed to enable the user to test the advantages of a smart home in a single room with full features or in several rooms with fragmented features. When the Starter Kit is installed in the living room, it offers the following features:

  • Control the lighting through the 2 lighting switches available.
  • Control the media and devices via the Universal Remote Control, including TV, air conditioner, audio system, DVD player, satellite receiver and any other device operated by IR remote controls within a range of 5 meters.
  • Control the ground lighting or devices via the Removable Socket, which enables the user to control the power supply for the connected device.
  • The use of multi-sensor, which provides readings on temperature, humidity and level of lighting in the place as well as serving as a movement sensor.
Using the STC Smart Home application, the user can generate commands to automate the operation of the devices available in the Starter Kit. For example, the user can generate a base that connects lighting to motion in the room by linking the multi-sensor operation to the lighting switches.

  • Basic package
    2900 SAR
    or Monthly installments over
    24 months

    To Subscribe

Pre-Designed Packages: (Coming Soon )

  • Surveillance Package

    For more
  • Advanced Surveillance Package

    For more
  • Advanced Automation Package

    For more
  • Pick-And-Mix

    For more

Smart Home Devices


Contact sensor / Door sensor

A magnetic sensor that help monitoring any door or window. This product can be used as a security product as well as a comfort product. Through Smart Home Mobile App, you can link the operation of the sensor to either sound the alarm when the door opens or turn ON the light.

Price: 220 SAR


Light sensor

Smart Home light sensor will detect the light level in the room and allows you to use that value in Smart Home Mobile App rules. You can control the operation of your lights or curtains according to the light level detected by the sensor.

Price: 325 SAR


Motion sensor

A PIR motion sensor that connects to Smart Home gateway. The sensor will trigger an alert to the gateway whenever a motion is detected. This trigger will be used according to the rules specified through Smart Home Mobile App.

Price: 260 SAR


Smart Home Gateway

The main central unit that connects all Smart Home devices and securely connects to the internet to enable the user to access and control Smart Home devices installed in their homes.

Price: 935 SAR


Wall socket

A power outlet that that wirelessly connects to Smart Home gateway. Using Smart Home Mobile App, you will be able to control the operation of any appliance plugged into this outlet. Further, you could automate the appliance operation based on conditions set in Smart Home Mobile App rules.

Price: 375 SAR


Multi sensor

The Multi sensor provides readings for temperature, humidity and light level in the room. In addition to its function as a motion sensor. This sensor enables you to use all of these readings in the rules specified in Smart Home Mobile App.

Price: 390 SAR