Upload Key - Upload Speed Booster*

Another amazing addition to dramatically increase your data upload speed online, allowing you to upload large files, send large attachments with your email messages, or add your photo albums to social media in just a few seconds instead of waiting for long minutes. The Upload Key also gives you high performance on gaming without interruption and fast response times.

Your Download Speed (MBPS) Boosted Upload Speed Without Upload key Boosted Upload Speed With Upload Key
500 MBPS 80M With Package
300 MBPS 80M With Package
200 MBPS 80M With Package
100 MBPS 20M 40M
80 MBPS 20M 40M
50 MBPS 10M 25M
40 MBPS 10M 20M
25 MBPS 1M 10M
10 MBPS 1M 5M

*Price includes 15% VAT

*Works on fiber optics only



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