How to fix your phone in easy steps

If you have problems with your device or if it is not working, you can fix it in a few simple steps, by following these instructions:

  • Check application updates.
  • Close all the open applications on your device.
  • Restart your device.
  • If you have a battery problem, turn off "Bluetooth", "Wi-Fi" and "GPS".
    For more information on battery problems
  • If you still have the problem, go to the factory reset step (this step will remove all the settings and apps you added since you got the device, as well as photos, documents, music, and the data stored on the device that you will also lose, so make sure to back them up).
  • If the problem is the device is slow, the reason could be the internal storage is full, and the device is no longer able to open applications easily or handle smoothly, so delete the applications you do not want, or move them to external storage.
  • If the problem is the heat of the phone, especially when charging, you should make sure the battery health and replace it if it is old.

Is the problem still there?