your device is from us‬ and your installments‬ from Quara Finance‬

stc provides you with device installment service in collaboration with Quara Finance. We enable you to purchase devices and pay in easy monthly installments of your choice.

Now get Samsung Fold3 or Z Flip3 without paying the interest for the first year of the financing contract !

Advantages that meet your needs

  • Without advance payment.
  • Immediate approval.
  • Financing up to 30,000 SR
  • Payment term of 36 months.
  • Without guarantor.
  • Sharia-compliant 
  • Exemption from administrative fees for stc customers.
  • Takaful Insurance
  • Not to exceed the specified deduction percentage from the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia.

Am I eligible?

The service is designed to include all customer segments- citizens and residents, employees and retirees!
You will be eligible to get the service, depending on the professional status, age, service term and net salary.

Occupational Status Age Service Term Net Salary (minimum)
Governmental Employee 21- 24 Years 3 months 8,000
Governmental Employee 25- 60 Years 3 months 5,000
Military (Officers) 25 years old - by rank 6 months 8,000
Military personnel rank (deputy sergeant / sergeant / first sergeant / chief sergeant) 25 years old - by rank 6 months 8,000
Military personnel rank (Soldier / First Soldier / Corporal) 25 years old - by rank 6 months 8,000
Private Sector Employees 21- 25 Years 6 months 8,000
Private Sector Employees 50 - 60 Years 6 months 8,000
Retirees Until 70 Years None 5,000
Governmental Sector Employees - Residents 25- 50 Years 12 months 7,000
Private Sector Employees - Residents 25- 50 Years 12 months 7,000

Apply Now!

Buy your favourite devices in easy installments. Complete the financing application online at Quara Finance’s website Application


Fill out the financing application through the website
Copy of Personal ID
Account Statement for the last 3-month salary.
Salary breakdown and appointment date from the employer

Terms and Conditions:

  • Device installment plan is a service provided in collaboration with Quara Finance, which shall have the full right in accepting or rejecting the finance application submitted by you, based on your eligibility under the service provider’s terms and conditions.
  • You can benefit from the installment service, provided that the bill value shall not be less than 4,000 SAR and not more than 30,000 SAR.
  • Available financing options are: (6 - 12 - 18 – 24 – 36 months) you can choose the appropriate period, without opposing to the Financing company terms and conditions.
  • In return for the installment service, the service provider Quara Financing Co shall be paid a profit margin of 24% for each year.
  • The acceptance of application requires a credit record free of defaults.

Table of Examples of Monthly Installments Plans

Device Cost 6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months 26 months
3,000 560 310 227 185 143
4,000 747 413 302 247 191
5,000 933 517 378 308 239
6,000 1,120 620 453 370 287
7,000 1,307 723 529 432 334
8,000 1,493 827 604 493 382
9,000 1,680 930 680 555 430
10,000 1,867 1,033 756 617 478
15,000 2,800 1,550 1,133 925 717
20,000 3,733 2,067 1,511 1,233 956
30,000 5,600 3,100 2,267 1,850 1,433

To know the branches providing the service of purchasing devices in installment in cooperation with Quara finance


Q: What are the minimum and maximum for device installment service?
A: The minimum is 4,000 SR and the maximum is 30,000 SR

Q: How long does the approval process take?
A: The approval process takes 15 - 30 minutes, in case all documents are fully submitted.

Q: If my financing request is rejected by you, what is the required procedure by stc?
A: Accepting and rejecting finance applications is the responsibility of Quara Finance (i.e. stc bears no liability for any procedure regarding the financing eligibility).

Q: Are replacement and return policies applied in the process of installment purchase?
A: Yes. All provisions and policies of replacement and return shall apply.

Q: Can I return the products purchased in installment and receive my cash back?
A: No, If you want to replace or return the devices purchased in installments, stc replacement and return policy shall apply.

Q: Can I get more than installment service at sporadic times, if my purchases do not overpass the maximum?
A: Yes, provided that the period is not less than 3 months, and the installments of previous contract were being regularly paid.

Q: How can I get installment service from Quara Finance?
A: You can complete the online application at Quara Finance website. You can also visit one of stc stores providing the service.

Q: What are the branches that provide the installment service through Quara Finance?
A: Riyadh (Al-Suwaidi, Al Sharq, Al Shamal, King Fahad Road), Jeddah (Prince Sultan Road, AlSafa), Mecca (Al Shawkia), Dammam (Almajdouie, Al Shadi’), Maddina (Rawabi Qibaa), Jazan (Corniche “Main”), Khamis Mushait (Khamis Avenue).

Q: What are the advantages of Takaful insurance’s service and the deduction rate?
A: The service provides Takaful insurance covering the remaining finance in case of death. The service shall not overpass the deduction ratios prescribed by SAMA.