Master Distance Learning!

  • Make a study plan and prepare for classes in advance, and facilitate time management skills.
  • Waking up early and arrange your supplies, and have a healthy meal before starting classes.
  • Use a laptop or tablet as well as a separate headset for easier learning and better performance. You can check the exclusive device offers by stc.
  • Make sure to provide a good Internet connection, check out the packages and offers , as you can see the packages of education distance that meets your needs.
  • Choose a quiet place to study with good ventilation and lights, that is not near bed or TV. Also be cautioned when using the camera and mind for the background to be beautiful and tidy.
  • Close unused programs and turn off notifications to avoid distraction, and keep the mobile away if not needed.
  • Take advantage of the break time between classes to move around, renew activity and do prayers, making sure to return quickly and prepare for the next class.
  • Set in a healthy position with straight neck & back.
  • List the applications and websites that are necessary to be downloaded. Be aware of your device security and make sure that your anti-virus is updated. Also facilitate the applications and sites that simplify your study such as :
    1. Google Calendar- arranges your time and lecture
    2. Google Doc- editing and sharing documents
    3. Mystudylife- organizing your homework and studies
    4. Socratic & myscript- help solving mathematical problems
    5. Quizlet- explanations for many educational fields.

To achieve the educational goal and to facilitate the tasks, parents should support their children, motivate and reward them for hard work. Parents need to be near students of lower grades to help them log in the study platform, take notes and record assignments.