would you like to learn more about fiber optic?

We often hear about the term "Fiber optics", also known as "Fiber" which describes the type of cables made of pure glass that as thin as human hair. It uses light technology to transmit large amounts of data at extremely high speeds in form of light pulses. While traditional copper wires transmit data via electrical impulses. It is also characterized by being smaller, lighter, and less losing the signal sent than copper cables.

The fiber optic cable consists of a core made of pure glass surrounded by an outer cladding, which in turn reflects the light continuously to let the light reach inside the glass core. This is covered with a plastic buffer coating that protects the glass from breakage and external influences. Since the fiber optics are made of glass and transmit data through the light, so it is not possible to be bent at right angles, which makes it more difficult to deal than copper cable.

Driven by the increased number of users of live broadcast services, video calls, downloading movies and playing via the Internet there is increasing need to provide high capacities and speeds for data transmission besides the essential demand for the optical fiber technology. Hence, fiber optics are used in computer networks, medical equipment, and advanced technological industries

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The infographic shows stc capabilities in connecting the internet and communications via cables and satellites. In addition, you can review the map that shows the connection of stc fiber optic cables inside and outside Saudi Arabia.