freedom to go without your phone

Apple Watch Service

Apple Watch cellular models with an active service plan allow you to make calls, access internet, and so much more — all without your iPhone.


After getting your Watch, subscribe to the service through Apple Watch app on your iPhone, and enjoy a full discount on the first 3 monthly subscription

Postpaid Prepaid
eSIM Issuance fee for the Watch 57.50 SAR (VAT inclusive) 25 SAR
Monthly Subscription 28.75 SAR (VAT inclusive) 25 SAR

*For prepaid customers, the price is not subject to 15% VAT as already collected at the time of recharging the balance


You can unsubscribe at any time through mystc app

Setting up the Apple Watch Service

Before you star activating the service, please check the following:

  • Update iPhone and Watch software to the latest version (iOS 14.3 for iPhone, WatchOS 7.2 for Watch)
  • Update Carrier Settings if the notification appears on the iPhone screen (update # stc 45.1)
  • Use the Primary SIM on your iPhone in case you own multi-SIMs on your number, and make the Primary SIM active to receive calls

Steps to Activate your Subscription

You can activate the Apple Watch service subscription through the Watch app on iPhone, by following these steps:

1. Open the Watch app from your iPhone and start pairing the Watch
2. If the watch is being paired for the first time, tap Mobile Data Setup during the connection process. If your watch is already paired to the iPhone, tap My Watch, then tap Cellular, then Set Up Cellular
3. Follow stc's instructions through the activation screen, which are:
  • After clicking continue, log in to your account using your mystc app information
  • Click Activate a new watch
  • Choose the watch subscription, and then tap continue
  • Accept the terms & condition and review the subscription summary
  • Log-in to IAM national webpage using your “Absher” account information
  • Tap on Continue to activate your new watch after the authentication is completed
4. The “Waiting” status will appear during the activation procedure under stc network name, and upon completion of the activation, the waiting status will disappear
5. You will also receive an SMS to inform you of the activation status

Technical Support

You can contact us at any time to serve you through mystc app or our accounts on social media, or by calling the 900 technical support center, noting the following:

  • When a carrier settings update is available, you will be prompted to update it. When the notification appears on the iPhone screen, tap Update
  • To check the iPhone system update or the carrier settings update numbers for your iPhone, tap "Settings"> "General"> "About"
  • To manually update the iPhone iOS software or update the carrier settings for your iPhone, tap "Settings"> "General"> "Software Update"
  • To check the Watch software update number, use the watch by tapping on “Settings”> “General”> “About”
  • To manually update the WatchOS software, use the Watch app on the iPhone or use the Watch itself by tapping on “Settings”> “General”> “Software Update”.
  • You should use the Primary SIM to activate the Watch in case you own multi-SIMs. To identify which of the multi-SIMs is the Primary SIM, and to find out its number, use mystc app to access your account profile, then tap number properties, then identify the Primary SIM and use that to subscribe to the Watch service
  • To make the Primary SIM an active SIM among the multi-SIMs on your iPhone and to make it receive calls, press the call button, then enter the code *123#, then press the call button
  • You can either use the plastic SIM or built-in eSIM on your iPhone when activating the service
  • The service does not work on a secondary SIM (second or third multi-SIM); the Primary SIM must be used in the iPhone, and it must be activate to receive calls


  • Q: How do I get a cellular watch model?
    A: Through mystc app or visiting your nearest branch
  • Q: Can the watch be obtained in cash or in installments?
    A: Yes, as the watch is available for cash sales customers as well as for postpaid customers through our instalment program
  • Q: Does the cellular watch models support eSIM?
    A: Yes, as this watch is now available with Cellular service
  • Q: Can I use the cellular watch with prepaid SIM cards?
    A: Yes, and it also works with postpaid SIM cards
  • Q: Will the cellular watch work if my iPhone is not with me?
    A: Yes, but you have to have an active Apple Watch service subscription and be in a network-covered area
  • Q: When I receive a phone call, will I be notified on my iPhone and on the cellular Apple Watch?
    A: Yes, you will be notified via the device and the cellular watch
  • Q: Is the watch using a different mobile number than the phone?
    A: No, both the watch and the phone use the same number
  • Q: How does calling and receiving calls work?
    A: Calls can be placed from both watch and phone even at the same time. When receiving a call, both watch and phone will ring but once the first device picks up the call the other will stop ringing.
  • Q: How much does the Apple Watch eSIM cost?
    A: SAR 57.50 for postpaid lines (VAT inclusive), and SAR 25 for the prepaid lines, one-time payment
  • Q: How much does the monthly subscription cost for the Apple Watch service?
    A: SAR 28.75 for postpaid lines (VAT inclusive), and SAR 25 for the prepaid lines deducted from the balance on a monthly basis
  • Q: What happens if I do not have enough credit in my prepaid SIM account?
    A: The service will stop if there is not enough balance for the monthly fees
  • Q: Does the Apple Watch eSIM have a package or credit?
    A: No, the same benefits of the main line are available for the watch subscription
  • Q: How can I subscribe to the Apple Watch service?
    A: Through the Watch app on the iPhone device
  • Q: Are there any offers for Apple Watch service?
    A: Yes, a full discount offer for the first 3-month subscription fee, starting from the date of subscribing to the service
  • Q: Is the Apple Watch service free 3-month subscription fee a permanent offer?
    A: No, the offer is a temporary, and run for 3 months from the launch date
  • Q: If I did not subscribe to Apple Watch service, will the cellular watch work
    A: Yes, as the iPhone device near the watch is used exactly as the previous watch models, but the cellular service will not work.
  • Q: Can I cancel Apple Watch service at any time?
    A: Yes, customers can cancel the service at any time because there is no contract, through mystc app, mystc website, or by visiting a branch
  • Q: Can I cancel my pre-order purchase after completing the order and return the watch to you?
    A: The order cannot be canceled after completing the watch purchase with prior reservation
  • Q: How many Apple Watch eSIMs can I add on the same mobile number?
    A: You can add a maximum of two eSIMs on the same number
  • Q: Does the Apple Watch service work while traveling outside the Kingdom (international roaming)?
    A: No, as the service does not work, but you can still use most of the features of the watch if it is connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth.
  • Q: What happens to my service subscription if the mobile number associated with the Apple Watch eSIM is canceled? Will the Apple Watch service subscription continue?
    A: No, since the eSIM for the watch is linked to the main mobile number, and if the main number is canceled, then the Apple Watch service subscription will be canceled.