Peer with Caching is one of stc core services that is allowing OLO’s, Subsidiaries and ISPs from benefiting stc’s caching solution. stc has developed a redundant caching solution and it has agreements with multiple CDNs for delivering their content to stc end customers. Peer with Caching connection will grant you the reachability to multiple selection of stc’s hosted CDNs

Features and benefits:

  • Provides an option to get the connectivity over stc’s transport network. It also offers multiple options that can be selected for transport connectivity such as “VPN and Transmission services”.
  • Provide access to stc caching services while offering options that are based on selected capacities, redundancy and service availability.
  • stc has the biggest submarine capacity in the region diversified across multiple cable systems. These capacities are terminated to many of the internet exchanges and international DCs Capacities, which are used to feed the caching servers with the required content.
  • OPEX Reduction by reducing the management of CDNs, CDNs’ peering and submarine capacities.
  • Cost effective solution compared to the own-built solution.
  • Scalable solution by providing Caching services along with backhauling connectivity
  • A well-established relationship with content owners