stc's Internet Transit service provides clients with connectivity to the domestic and global Internet through dedicated connections to stc's IP Nodes in Riyadh and Jeddah. Clients gain access to the largest and most comprehensive IP networks in the world. stc Internet network has extensive connectivity with internet access points and various peering arrangements with major carriers and backbone providers. This service provides the shortest connectivity path to the majority of the Saudi Arabian Internet users, services and content. stc Internet network is fully diversified and scalable with speeds typically ranging from DS3/E3 to Gigabit speeds

Features and benefits:

  • stc’s flexible and highly-scalable Internet Transit service is built for performance.
  • Through extensive regional coverage, IP routing is optimized so that regional traffic stays within region and all efficiencies taken advantage of.
  • High performance, fault tolerant resilient backbone with its diverse East and West routing.
    In addition to this stc offers a pay-as-you grow model for customers that is ready to meet growing internet connectivity needs.