stc's International MPLS IP-VPN service enables customers to securely connect international sites to sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for transfer of voice, data and multimedia traffic.

The service is available with six options for QoS levels ranging from a standard best-effort service to a high quality real-time service. MPLS IP-VPN provides end-to-end connectivity and allows intranet, extranet and remote access capabilities. stc provides national and international MPLS network connectivity for clients in the KSA as well as foreign countries.

stc’s National MPLS offers wide geographic coverage nationally and internationally with international reach enhanced through partnerships with Tier 1 carriers. stc’s advanced MPLS network consists of the terabit capacity edge and core routers, full mesh redundant ultra-high bandwidth links.

Features and benefits:

  • The inherent MPLS class of service-based offering provides the performance, reliability and security of a leased-line but with the scalability, flexibility and future-proofing of an IP-VPN network. Using stc’s MPLS backbone delivers cost savings, as point-to-point connectivity between sites is no longer needed as well as comprehensive manageability for scalability and redundancy. In addition to this, stc also offers security features such as encryption using IPSec standards.