FTTT “Fiber to the Tower” is an active point-to-point connection over last mile fiber access network that facilitate OLOs to connect their mobile towers to their core switches. The new connectivity product will allow OLO to transfer massive mobile traffic. Demand of mobile traffic is exponentially increasing due to M2M & OTT applications. The new applications are also desires a reliable low-latency connectivity. Introduction of 5G radio network is one of the main seekers to FTTT product.

Features and benefits:

  • Provides active L2 connectivity
  • Bandwidths offered: 1 Gbps - 10 Gbps
  • Contention ratio of (1:1) and demarcation points
  • One of the main seekers of FTTT is that it supports 5G radio network
  • Less cost on operator for new fiberized towers
  • Connect to the largest network footprint in KSA and available connectivity to key buildings and structures (e.g., malls, universities, etc.)