Wholesale Messaging Platform

How it works

Wholesale Messaging is a platform to provide unified bulk messaging services for STC's national and international mobile operator customers. The service provides an end-to-end messaging mechanism and is used for sending one way or two ways bulk SMS and MMS as well as WAP. Using this service can use one application to send Bulk SMS, MMS and WAP and be connected directly with content providers' application with no need for local loops or VPN.


STC provides centralized control over the bulk messaging usage in real time with a prepaid and postpaid billing interface. This makes bulk messaging fast and easy as well as scalable. STC's Wholesale Messaging service supports up to 1000 SMS per second and up to 500 MMS per second. In addition, as part of this STC offers full system monitoring and alerts generation.

STC's Wholesale Messaging service is a comprehensive solution for delivering bulk SMS and MMS messaging.

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