White-Label Managed Services

How it works

STC's White-Label Managed Services enable licensed national mobile and fixed-line operators to re-package all of STC's services and offer them to their end users without STC branding. This allows operators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to expand their offering and deliver a more comprehensive suite of services to their subscribers.

STC has invested in these services and is offering them for other operators to adapt and offer as their own with new branding and pricing.

The interest shown from operators in STC's Afaq service has made it an excellent candidate for a white-label offering. This service can be offered to operators without the STC Afaq branding and most of the processes can be reused including technical feasibility, provisioning/activation etc. Operators who adopt white-label services may only need to invest in accompanying billing/invoicing, customer care and fault management platforms.


White-labeled services are technically the same as STC's own services with all of the benefits from STC's expertise and investment in the service offering. The advantage of white-label services is that operators do not need to develop new services and processes from scratch. It can reuse STC's technical innovation and service processes to offer this service to an operator's customers.

STC manages the end-to-end delivery of the white-label service while the operator rebrands it under its own name sell this service to its end customers without the cost or investment in creating an entirely new service.

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