Line Sharing Using Copper Cable

How it works

stc's Line Sharing services give licensed operators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the opportunity to provide DSL services to existing stc fixed-line subscribers using the same copper local loop. Line Sharing allows fixed-line operators to use the portion of the local loop that is not used for PSTN service to provide data services to end users using DSL. The PSTN portion remains in the control of stc and is used to provide voice services.

The data portion of the traffic is handed over to the operator at the splitter access. With this Line Sharing agreement, the licensed operator is responsible for supplying and maintaining the DSLAM equipment.


stc allows fixed-line operators to offer more services using its more than 120,000 km copper cable infrastructure. Using Line Sharing an operator can use existing infrastructure to offer data services and avoid making costly and time consuming infrastructure investments. stc has already put in the work establishing its extensive access network and is offering fixed-line operators the opportunity to tap the growing demand for data services across the KSA.