FTTCH Bitstream Feature & Benefits

How it works

STC offers Bitstream services to fixed-line operators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in two types: FTTH and FTTC. Bitstream access over FTTC provides operators with a link running from the MDF or closer to the core network to the subscribers' premises. The operator does not need to co-locate equipment at the street cabinet, with STC installing the needed DSLAMs/ MSANs. The operator does not manage the copper sub-loop or the fiber backhaul from the street cabinet to the MDF / central office, thus STC incurs all related maintenance costs.

FTTC is offered in two ways. One with STC having ownership of the Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) and locating it in its premises, and control all issues relating to Customer Management. The other where the operator can have control of the BRAS and control all aspects of Customer Management with its end-subscribers.

Bitstream access over FTTH has the same characteristics as FTTC Bitstream, however operators reach customer premises with a fiber link rather than a copper sub-loop.


STC has the expertise and flexibility to make FTTC and FTTH Bitstream services easy to use for fixed-line operators in the KSA. With different service management options, STC is offering its customers the ability to tailor their services to their individual needs while retaining ownership of whichever aspects of the network is preferred. This means that fixed-line carriers ultimately have control when leverage STC's extensive access network reaching nearly every household and business in Saudi Arabia. This service provides operators with a low cost and reliable access to customer premises.

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