Grade Metro Ethernet Features & Benefit

How it works

Metro Ethernet provides point-to-point and /or point-to-multipoint high-speed access connectivity over metro Ethernet rings. End-users traffic (TDM and IP) is aggregated to metro Ethernet rings and transported over SDH or MPLS to the core IP-MPLS network. Metro Ethernet ring is a collection of Layer 2 or 3 switches or routers connected through fiber.

STC's carrier-grade metro Ethernet services can provide a choice of fiber access links at speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 1Gbps.


STC's carrier-grade metro Ethernet services offer agility, control, security, cost-savings, reach and reliability and above all else customization based on customers' specific needs. National and International operators can customize their metro Ethernet service based on physical speed, bandwidth demand, class of service allowing customers to tailor their services to their individual needs. This is all backed up by rigorous and measurable SLAs, over different transport mediums such as MPLS and SDH.

Benefit from all that metro Ethernet can offer with STC.

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