stc terminates SMS / MMS traffic sent by national mobile and fixed-line operators on its network across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This service enables the delivery of SMS and MMS traffic from one network to another and ensures that text messages reach their destinations quickly and efficiently. stc is a trusted partner for delivering mobile services with the infrastructure in place to deliver SMS and MMS traffic to every corner of the KSA.

Features and benefits:

stc’s extensive network coverage and competitive pricing means it is an ideal partner for delivering SMS and MMS traffic in the KSA. With over 5,000 mobile base stations and more than 80,000 km of fiber in the KSA, stc can deliver your network’s SMS and MMS traffic quickly and efficiently. stc has made the network investments so national mobile and fixed-line operators don’t have to. Its upfront investments mean that its partner operators can benefit from cost efficiencies from using stc’s network and benefit from pricing plans that meet their individual needs. When delivering SMS and MMS in the KSA, stc can connect your traffic anywhere any way.