Voice Hubbing for Voice Termination

How it works

STC's seamless global Voice Hubbing service is designed to provide flexible international voice termination services to national and international operators. The service is provided with premium quality over traditional TDM circuits and public IP with 300 direct connections in more than 90 countries. STC has an extensive network of relationships around the world that it has centralized and offers as a hub solution for carrying voice traffic.

Its network of relationships allows partner operators to extend their reach both internationally and regionally. The service is provided via IP protocol with dedicated ports or via public IP and TDM circuits.


STC's 300 direct connections in more than 90 countries means that telecoms operators can leverage these relationships to deliver more services around the world. In extending their reach using a Voice Hub, operators gain cost efficiencies and greater access to the world's telecoms infrastructure.

As part of its Voice Hubbing services, STC offers measurable KPIs including Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR), Network Efficiency Ratio (NER) and Average Length of Call (ALOC), which are constantly monitored.